Joey is the oldest of three children from a loving home. Joey dotes on his little sister and she idolizes him. Joey is about to graduate from high school with honors and just turned 18. Several colleges, including some “reach” schools, have offered Joey admission, pending a final report card. Things are going well for Joey. Joey is athletic and loves soccer and playing the viola.

Joey has an opportunity to travel on a ski trip with friends from the soccer team during winter break. You have always encouraged Joey to explore opportunities to travel and volunteer and be active. Joey is well liked at school and has never met a stranger.

The soccer team has been staying at a friend’s condo near the slopes and has been skiing and snowboarding non-stop for three days. They are having a fantastic time. On day four, Joey has been feeling a little sluggish, but just chalks it up to overexertion. Joey decides to go it alone on some of the mellower runs and the rest of the kids decide to go backcountry skiing with a Powder Cat.

On the lift up above the beautiful fresh powder, Joey starts to feel a little queasy. About half-way down the mountain, Joey has to stop to regain strength, and takes a tumble in a collision caused by an inexperienced snowboarder. It seems that Joey is knocked unconscious and has a broken leg. In the tumble, Joey’s pocket empties into the thick, fresh snow.

Ski Patrol has to carry Joey down the mountain and Joey is unable to communicate with them. A helicopter is called and Joey is rushed to the hospital. Joey is admitted and what seems like a ski accident turns into a medical mystery, as Joey is not able to be immediately brought to consciousness. The hospital has no way to identify Joey, because the pocket that emptied into the snow had a mobile phone, identification, and money.

Meanwhile, Joey’s friends are enjoying their Powder Cat experience. At the end of the day when they return to the condo, they don’t see Joey. They assume Joey is just skiing with new friends or maybe even has met someone to stay out late with; Joey has always made friends easily. Everyone goes to sleep unconcerned. The next morning when Joey doesn’t answer the texts everyone has been sending, some of the friends start to get worried.

You are getting anxious back home. It is Joey’s little sister’s birthday and it just isn’t like Joey to not call. You call the condo and Joey’s mobile phone, but, no answer. You don’t really know all of the numbers of Joey’s friends and your middle child, who does know all the phone numbers is camping out of cell phone range. You call the owner of the condo who knows some locals and eventually you realize that Joey is probably the injured skier in the local hospital. Relieved, you get on the phone with the hospital to try to assess Joey’s situation. The nurse who talks to you is so pleased to have a good idea of who the injured skier might be! Then the nurse asks how old Joey is and you respond that Joey just turned 18. “Oh.” The nurse replies. “I will have to get back to you.” The nurse is wary of a HIPPA violation and wants to consult with the hospital legal team.

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