As we think about back to school this year, some of us have sent young adults away to college. Some of us are hosting them in our dining rooms for virtual schooling. It is no secret that college aged people often feel invincible and might not consider the additional risks posed in 2020. Remind them to keep a distance and wear masks. Have a conversation about whether or not they would want you to talk to their doctor if they were incapacitated with COVID, or for some other reason. Do they have a pet that would need care? Who would make sure their bills would be paid?

It is more important than ever that you both know what rights you may or may not have during a medical emergency involving your “adult” children,

Many parents do not realize that once a child turns 18, it is not always easy or simple to see their medical records or manage their affairs in the case of a medical crisis or other emergency. Be sure and talk to your young adult children about planning for the unexpected in both of your lives. There are affordable and simple documents that your adult child can put in place to ensure access to their medical information and their financial and legal affairs. 

It is important that everyone has someone that they trust who is able to act for them if they have an emergency. We can help you work together and get important documents in order as everyone heads back to school and back to the computer.  Have your 18+ child send an email ( or give us a call at (330) 302-9270 to learn more.