Do you have a plan for “if” you die? The fact that no one likes to think about is that it is not an “if,” but a “when.” And that means everyone needs an estate plan.

It is not a popular subject and it is difficult to think about, but failing to have an estate plan makes your loss even more difficult for your loved ones.  

It’s important to:

  • Make sure your wishes about care and finances are carried out
  • Decide who will take care of your child(ren) if you pass away
  • Ensure that a spouse or child will not run out of money after your passing
  • Determine where long term assets go far in the future if your spouse remarries after your death
  • Provide support to a loved one with a disability after your passing
  • Anticipate creditors or financial loss taking a toll on inheritance for loved ones 

We can help you plan and address all of these concerns and more. An estate plan is not a one-size-fits-all set of documents. Each plan is designed based on your concerns, your desires, and your goals.  We can work with you to create the estate plan that meets your needs. Contact us today at or call (330) 302-9270.